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Ryumon Samurai Swords

Ryumon Swords are handmade in the Longquan forge in china. For more than 2600 years, the "City of Treasure Sword", Longquan, has been known for making the best swords in the world. Located within the border of South Zhejiang, China and under the Fengyang mountain, Longquan is rich in resources that are perfect for making exceptional Katana Swords. All Ryumon Swords are fully functional, battle ready swords. The Ryumon Swords are currently 15-46% off! The Ryumon Imperial Katana Sword (RY3040B) is shown to the left. Order your Samurai Sword today and receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT COUPON CODE for you purchase today! Sign up on our home page or contact us for your discount code!

During the period of the Warring states (770-476 B.C.) a famous sword maker named Ou Yezi created the most renowned sword in Longquan. Since then, the secret arts of hand crafting folded Samurai Swords have been passed down from generation to generation. Ryumon Swords are hand Forged by master craftsman with years of experience from Longquan. These master sword smiths combine modern knowledge with traditional secrets to produce superior quality handmade Samurai Swords with enhanced durability, sharpness, and exquisite craftsmanship.



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