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Handmade Samurai Swords

Here we have Handmade Samurai Swords that are from various sword makers from all over the world. Each one of these Katana Swords is handmade in a forge just like in old Japan, with the utmost in craftsmanship and materials. These Handmade Samurai Swords feature a great quality control that most others do not offer at these price ranges. These are Katana Swords that are great to give as a gift to sword collectors or to give as a gift to yourself! The Petrel Katana Sword is shown to the left (F862). 


Hand Forged Shirasaya Sword

JL800 - Hand Forged Shirasaya Sword

Your price: $108.42

Handmade Dragon Blade Tanto

DBT07 - Handmade Dragon Blade Tanto

Your price: $62.99

Handmade Samurai Tanto

DBT02 - Handmade Samurai Tanto

Your price: $62.99

Hand Forged Odachi

MAZ200 - Hand Forged Odachi

Your price: $200.00

Snake Odachi

K8866 - Snake Odachi

Your price: $240.00

Odachi Giant Samurai Sword

SW264 - Odachi Giant Samurai Sword

Your price: $90.00

Morpheus Sword from The Matrix

MO1DX2 - Morpheus Sword from The Matrix

Your price: $140.00

Reverse Blade Warrior Sword

SW333DX - Reverse Blade Warrior Sword

Your price: $89.99

Wakamidori Sword

JK714 - Wakamidori Sword

Your price: $200.00

Komoran Kenshin Katana Sword

K0001 - Komoran Kenshin Katana Sword

Your price: $199.99

Cherry Blossom Damascus Katana Sword

F900 - Cherry Blossom Damascus Katana Sword

Your price: $300.00

Damascus Bushi Katana Sword

F826 - Damascus Bushi Katana Sword

Your price: $260.00

Damascus Plum Blossom Sword

F901 - Damascus Plum Blossom Sword

Your price: $300.00

Damascus Crane Katana Sword

F827 - Damascus Crane Katana Sword

Your price: $260.00

Petrel Katana Sword

F862 - Petrel Katana Sword

Your price: $200.00

Horseman Katana Sword

SW042G - Horseman Katana Sword

Your price: $49.99

Edo Samurai Sword

SW366 - Edo Samurai Sword

Your price: $62.99

Edo Samurai Sword

SW367 - Edo Samurai Sword

Your price: $62.99

Hand Forged Damascus Blade Katana

MC-3056 - Hand Forged Damascus Blade Katana

Your price: $124.99

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