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Bushido Samurai Swords

Bushido – The Code of the Samurai. Bushido is comprised of Seven Virtues by which a Samurai is to live their lives. These virtues are Honesty, Compassion, Loyalty, Courage, Fairness/Justice, Courtesy, and Honor. Followers of this code still live today. Frequently, these followers are Martial Artists who have devoted their lives to the study of ancient warrior arts, including their moral code. For this reason, Bushido Katana Swords are a welcome addition to our inventory at These blades are not only well made, but bear the name of an honorable code to live one’s life by. Whether for use as a practitioner of Iaido or Kenjutsu, or to add to a collection, Bushido blades cannot be beat for price and reliable functionality. Bushido blades are differentially tempered and sharpened to a fine edge. They are hand forged by master smiths using centuries old techniques and modern metallurgical knowledge. is proud to offer you this line of swords, which are not only functional for cutting and form practice, but have an impressive aesthetic and will look very fine as a display piece when not in use.



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