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Katsumoto Bushido Samurai Sword

K0004 - Katsumoto Bushido Samurai Sword
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Check out this Katsumoto Bushido Samurai Sword. Each Katsumoto Sword is made with pure quality in mind and each is hand made with an incredible attention to detail. Katsumoto Swords are forged and folded out of 1060 high carbon steel and then polished to bring out an incredible hada and hamon the likes of which are usually only seen on much more expensive swords. The fittings are also top quality with use of genuine buffalo horn on the saya and high quality ito and rayskin on each tsuka.

Katsumoto Bushido Samurai Sword Features:

  • A hand forged and folded 1065 high carbon steel blade which is hand sharpened Fully functional Samurai Sword

  • It is clay tempered (differential) and has a prominent hada (grain pattern) and an iron tsuba. 

  • This sword has a brown silk “battle wrap” tukamaki and a gold dragon menuki. 

  • It comes with a genuine top quality rayskin wrapped tsuka and double mekugi (peg) and a brown silk sageo. 

  • This Katana Sword has a deeply lacquered golden saya and genuine buffalo horn koiguchi and kurikata. 

  • This is an excellent quality Samurai Sword at a very affordable price.

  • The Katsumoto Bushido Sword also comes with a Katsumoto sword bag and a certificate!

  • Measurements:

    Blade: 27", Tsuka: 11”, Overall: 39 ½”, Weight: 2.7lbs

    This Katsumoto Bushido Samurai Sword is on sale for 40% off the regular price, and qualifies for a 30 day money back guarantee! Please see our Store Policies for full details. Purchase this Katsumoto Sword now and get a great sale price and peace of mind knowing we stand behind our products!
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